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Testimonials for Vegan Jobs UK

JP from allplants (via Google+): 5 stars

Vegan Jobs is simply awesome. At @allplants we’re building a team of passionate and hard-working heroes who are skilled at making great food and crafting delicious flavours. Our kitchen is now full of very talented chefs who we found (every single one) through VeganJobs – and we’re looking forward to finding more stars here too.

Nelly from Mooshies (viafacebook): 5 stars

Thank you so much for setting this site up! We found it so useful finding our wonderful team at Mooshies here. It’s so easy to use & it’s fantastic to have a service where vegans don’t have to search too far to find work that supports their ethics. We will definitely be using this site again!

Some of the organisations that have advertised positions with Vegan Jobs UK include: